Data-informed learning campaigns, nudges and notifications.

Engage your audience with targeted data-informed messaging. Choose the appropriate channel and deliver the right information when needed most.

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Key features

A range of features to automate a personal experience helping with engagement, growth, development, and compliance.

Trigger automated campaigns based on what people do (or don’t do) on the job.
Prompt learners to engage or re-engage with your content.
Message builder
Build custom experiences. Include articles, files, videos, links, elearning and more.
Segment your people dynamically based on their behavior.
Dynamic audiences
Dynamically create audiences based on powerful segmentation.
Team up with your favourite apps including Slack, Segment, Zapier and more.
Map your messaging/nudges againsts goals to track their impact.
Question bank
Gather the pulse of your people and action the responses. Act on what matters.
Landing pages
Launch content (Storyline,Video etc) from email, sms and Slack.

Built from the ground up around research

Modern organizations know the importance of adopting tools and approaches that are underpinned by research, which is why we built Sparks from the ground up based around science.

Spaced Learning
Spaced learning is the principle that information is more easily learnt when it is split into short time frames and repeated multiple times, with time passing between repetitions.
Nudge Theory
Carefully designed prompts can be more effective at delivering long term behaviour change. Make sure your people are supported with short, personalized, coaching moments.
Behavioural Economics
If you want to encourage a behaviour, make it Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely (EAST). These four simple principles form a framework based on academic literature.
More on research

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