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What is Sparks?

Sparks takes a page out of the marketing playbook and automates data-driven campaigns to help maximize the impact of your L&D, HR and other organization activities.

Main Features

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Consume data from multiple sources.


Really get to know your audience.


Personalize the experience.


Determine who, what, when, where.


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From course to campaign

Adopt a modern and behaviour changing approach to training by utilizing the power of a campaign-based approach.

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Automation scales when you can’t

Use Sparks to automate those manual, time-consuming, administrative tasks saving both time and money.

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Test your approaches

Find out what is working for your audience via a range of tools such as engagement rates, A/B testing and path splitting.

Is this another platform people have to go to?

No, Sparks supports your audience where they are via the tools they’re already using.

Compatible Tools

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And more to come...

Get started with Sparks

There is currently an invite list, so, get yourself on it and we will get you a Sparks account as soon as we can.

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