Automate behaviour-based experiences

An automation platform for people and teams to deliver personalized experiences, powered by data, providing measurable impact.

Any Audience, Any Time, Anywhere

Employee Experience (EX)

Support your employees with just-in-time training, onboarding, compliance and building a culture of awareness all data-driven to ensure a personal experience.

Customer Experience (CX)

Sparks helps foster successful customer and partner engagement and enablement through targeted experiences delivered when they are needed most.

Student Experience (SX)

Provide personalized, timely support actions to large cohorts of students throughout their participation in a course or program.

Segment, Automate, Analyze

Make sure everyone's experience is relevant and timely.

  • Segment

    Segment your audience, based on behaviour, in real-time. This allows you to target the right user, with the right message, at the right time.

  • Automate

    Use Sparks to automate those manual, time-consuming, administrative tasks saving both time and money.

  • Analyze your approaches

    Build, measure, learn. Find out what is working by A/B testing your experiences to understand how each message performs.

Demonstrate measurable impact

  • Prove ROI

    It's often difficult to tangibly demonstrate the impact your training and learning initiatives have on the organization. Sparks helps you show how your experiences affect key business metrics.

  • Ensure your experiences are successful

    Map your experiences to organization goals and track their impact. Use these metrics to tweak and improve each experience ensuring you achieve the best outcomes possible for your organization.

  • Track goal status

    See which goals are on-track, progressing or off-track and automate experiences to help achieve those goals.

  • Automate support campaigns

    Each goal can have targets and a warning threshold set. If the threshold is met, automatically activate specific campaigns to help bring the goal back on-track.

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