How it works

Set triggers

Listen out for data that meets a given criteria. Data can be xAPI statements or from integrated services.

Define actions

Define the actions to happen upon a trigger being activated. Choose single or multiple tracks.

Adaptive, Automated, Personas

Set matrix values to ensure adaptive, automated messaging for users based on dynamic personas.

  • Precise timing when delivering feedback, content or support.
  • Through data analysis, deliver a personalized experience.
  • Calculate personas as and when data becomes available.
  • Ensure messaging, feedback and support remains relevant.
Standard devivation vs a cohort
Completion milestones
Sentiment analysis
Machine Learning
Nudge Theory
  • Deliver feedback when it's most meaningful.
  • Recommended actions and relevant content at the right time.
  • Powered by data, deliver timely, contextually relevant prompts.
  • Help learners quickly adjust their learning progressively.
  • Schedule reports and updates to maximize engagement and relevance.
  • Personalized for learners, employees, managers and instructors.
Delivery methods
Sparks in-app

Online course communication

Improve the experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalized and actionable feedback throughout their participation in an online course.

Delivery of personalized content

Delivery of follow on, personalized, content based on a learner's experience so far making sure they are getting what is needed, when they need it.

Deliver just-in-time training

Working with simulations or IoT enabled devices, track and issue training, as it's needed, based on real-time data gathered as people do their job.

Context and persona aware campaigns

Schedule cohort announcements in advance and track engagement. Scheduled by date or relative timing (e.g. “1 week after completing a Level”).

Automate timely support actions

Providing personalized, timely, actionable support actions to those learning and training, as they need it, can make a big difference to the learning experience.

View Learning Reports in Slack

Easily schedule and view learning reports in Slack. Select what data you would like to receive and when you would like to receive it. You can also send to email / push elsewhere.

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