About Sparks

We’ve been working within Edtech since 2003 and have been involved in products such as Elgg and Learning Locker both of which are awarding winning and used by a range of organizations such as NASA, Canadian Government, Dutch Government, UNESCO, Jisc, Harvard, Stanford, Villeroy & Boch, City and Guilds, Xerox, Boeing and more.

Elgg was one of the first "social learning" platforms, started in 2004, that offered an alternative to the top down, administration led, approach to learning environments. In 2008 Elgg won a BOSSIE (Best of Open Source Software Award) from InfoWorld for best open source social networking platform.

Learning Locker is the leading, open source, Learning Record Store. In 2016 it won the MongoDB open source innovation award, following on from Facebook who won the year before and in 2019 won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

We're exploring automation, messaging and personalization. We're based in Toronto, Canada.