Introducing Sparks

January 14, 2019 - Dave Tosh

Sparks - formally called Reach - is a tool that uses data to automate adaptive messaging, feedback and support. Its main aim is to enhance the learning experience through the delivery of recommended actions, support and content at the right time.

I'm a huge fan of prototyping, the feedback you gain early on really helps shape your product. True to form, Sparks has gone through a few prototyping phases, each one valuable in shaping what the product has become today. It's also had a few names including Quire, Reach and now Sparks but the central principle has remained constant: finding ways to help people as they learn and develop.

How does Sparks work

Sparks consumes data from connected applications and utilizes that data in two ways. Firstly, it can be used to trigger events. When incoming data meets given criteria this trigger's a sequence of steps. Secondly, it uses the data to generate user personas. These personas then control the type of messaging / content that should be sent to people and when. It's important to note that personas are dynamic and constantly changing based on data being analysed, ensuring nudges remain contextually relevant.

Nudge Theory

Sparks is based around the principle of Nudge Theory; the notion that small, meaningful, easy, interventions can help improve learners' outcomes. Delivering advice when it is most meaningful and making resources easy to access can result in more people taking action which, in turn, can enhance their learning experience.

xAPI and Learning Locker

If you're interested in xAPI and use Learning Locker, Sparks is an official Learning Locker app making it easy to get started triggering events based on data within xAPI statements.

We’d love to hear from you

Sparks is in beta. Sign up if you would like to receive a demo and try things out knowing it is early days!

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