All the features you need to create and automate a personal experience for your people.


Trigger automated campaigns based on what people do (or don’t do) on the job.
Prompt learners to engage or re-engage with your content.
Message builder
Build custom experiences. Include articles, files, videos, links, elearning and more.
Content curation
Access and add relevant content to your campaigns and nudges via Anders Pink.
A/B testing
Take the guesswork out, understand what resonates.
Map your messaging/nudges againsts goals to track their impact.
Access our bank of starter templates so you don't need to start from scratch.

Data Driven

Automate manual, time-consuming, administrative tasks informed by data.
Segment your people dynamically based on their behavior.
Dynamic audiences
Dynamically create audiences based on powerful segmentation.
One size does not fit all. Adapt messages for your people based on their behavior.
Team up with your favourite apps including Slack, Segment, Learning Locker and more.
Sparks has powerful tracking built in giving you advanced analytics that inform your nudges and campaigns.
Make sure each experience is tailored for each individual to maximize the impact.
Based around science
Research matters which is why we built Sparks from the ground up based around science.


Spaced learning
People forget much of what they have learnt unless they use it. Sparks lets you implement effective spaced learning.
Automate support for your people as they onboard. Deliver the right information at the right time.
User profiles
Detailed user profiles show engagement and the impact of their experiences.
Give managers personalized, ongoing support to help them empower their teams.
Engage your people immediately, where they are currently working/learning.
Unlock potential
Use nudges to help your people build better habits and work smarter.
Culture of awareness
Build a real culture of awareness within your organization around issues such as diversity and inclusion.
User centred
Give your people the autonomy and control to decide the path that works best for them, when they need it.
Don't let the learning end once a course/training finishes, reinforce the key themes.
As you work
Your people are busy. Don't have them log into another platform, bring it to them.
Performance support
Deliver personalized coaching moments when your people need it most.
Compliance, ongoing
Compliance should be an ongoing endeavor not an annual checkbox exercise.