Key features

Sparks provides you with a rich set of building blocks to build, run and assess your learning campaigns and personalized messaging.

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Automated campaigns

People aren't built to remember a firehose of information.

Campaigns are a different approach to developing your users through small bursts of information over a period of time to introduce and reinforce key concepts. Behaviour based automation is about sending the right message at the right time.

Spaced Learning, Nudge Theory and Behavioural Economics meet!

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Reach your users where they are

Sparks sits alongside your users and existing tools.

Instead of expecting your users to log into yet another platform, Sparks meets your users where they are; email, SMS, in-app, Slack and MS Teams.

Choose the right channel to deliver the right information when your users need it the most.

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Enrich your user experience

Segment dynamically based on behaviour.

As data becomes available update users traits to reflect their current status allowing you to target the right user, with the right message, at the right time.

Trigger automated campaigns when users join or leave a segment and / or trait values change.

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Third-Party integrations

Consume data from multiple sources.

Sparks integrates with a range of platforms allowing you to pull in the data that matters to inform your segmentation and campaigns.

Sparks only accesses data where you grant permission and we encourage you only harness the data you need to tell a story; smart data.

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A\B testing

Don't guess what works: test it.

With A\B testing and path splitting find out what's working and do more of the same. Test elements such as subject lines, content, timing and channel.

Combined with Sparks insights, and user feedback, to accurately determine what messaging and content resonates with your users.

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Powerful insights

Inform your approach with powerful insights.

Sparks insights dashboard allows you to drill into metrics for your campaigns, assets and messaging. Compare campaigns and review A\B testing metrics.

All messaging can take advantage of a built in feedback loop to supplement user actions.

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