Trailblazing features provide the building blocks for a new approach to developing your people.

Learning campaigns
People aren't built to remember a firehose of information.

Learning campaigns are a different approach to developing your audience through providing small bursts of information over a period of time to introduce and reinforce key concepts.

Spaced Learning, Nudge Theory and Behavioural Economics meet!

Context and relevance is everything; get more out of your existing content.

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What are some benefits of learning campaigns?
Support, nurture and encourage
Benefits include: minimize information/cognitive overload, reduce costs, allow a more dynamic 'up to date' approach to the subject matter content, minimize the forgetting curve, provide a more user centered solution, reduce the time to roll out, build a true culture of awareness, enable a multi-channel approach, meet the employee in the right place.
Sparks sits alongside your audience and existing tools

Being platform agnostic Sparks can sit alongside, and weaves itself into, your existing platforms with the aim of providing campaign materials and support via the optimal channel for your audience.

You can pull data in from a range of platforms, in multiple ways. Sparks is built to work together with you, your platforms and your audience.

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Create dynamic audiences based on tags and traits

Audiences are a way to group people based on specfic criteria. This could be everyone on a course, new employees onboarding, or only those users who have dropped out of 3 of the last 4 courses.

Build audiences that listen out for user traits and / or tags. This feature allows you to dynamically move people in and out of audiences based on their actions and experience.

Analysis traits to create a personal experience

When you track user activity in Sparks, you are able to automatically assign user traits. As data becomes available trait values can change to reflect a learner's current status allowing you to target specific people e.g. "Leadership: beginner" and "Change management: confident".

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Sparks works where your audience is
Instead of expecting your audience to log into yet another platform, Sparks meets your audience where they are; email, SMS, in-app, Slack and MS Teams. In fact, the only person that knows Sparks exists, is the administrator.
Embed personalized support within existing platforms

Our in-app widget allows you to push campaigns and messaging into third party applications through a pop up widget. This allows you to deliver directly to your audience even when they're in other platforms.

This is the first knowledge based, platform agnostic, in-app widget for L&D.

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Gather employee feedback every step of the way

Hard metrics are incredibly valuable (which is why they're wired into Sparks), but sometimes you just want to hear directly from the audience. Are they finding the communications useful or not?

Qualitative meets Quantitive.

A\B, Split testing and insights are your friends

With A\B testing and path splitting you can find out what's working and do more of the same!

Combined with Sparks insights, you can accurately determine what messaging and content resonate with your audience.

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Understand how your campaigns are working.
Sparks insights dashboard allows you to drill into metrics for your campaigns, assets and messaging. Generate reports and accurately determine what is working and what is not.
Direct push, xAPI or via integration

Standardize your learning data from multiple sources via direct integration, xAPI or custom JSON objects and bring it to life powering campaigns.

Sparks has a range of direct integrations with leading platforms that allow it to either fetch, or, have data pushed direct into your Sparks workspace.

Each workspace has a data warehouse option available if you would like to store all your learning data in a standardized format.

Track (event, properties, userId)

  "type": "track",
  "event": "Watched",
  "properties": {
    "title": "The difference between a LMS and LXP",
    "platform": "Youtube"
  "userId": "37dcca6e-ea7e-4ce4-a357-abf502a0a048"