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Spaced Learning
Spaced learning is the principle that information is more easily learnt when it is split into short time frames and repeated multiple times, with time passing between repetitions.
Nudge Theory
Carefully designed prompts can be more effective at delivering long term behaviour change. Make sure your people are supported with short, personalized, coaching moments.
Behavioural Economics
If you want to encourage a behaviour, make it Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely (EAST). These four simple principles form a framework based on academic literature.
Aid Memory Retrieval
By integrating workplace cues in development activities, future memory retrieval is more likely.
Correct Learner's Misconceptions
By utilizing feedback appropriately, you can correct people’s misconceptions and support correct retrieval.
Develop Understanding and Memory
By providing spaced repetitions over time, future memory retrieval is improved.
Maximize Engagement
By varying the learning materials, your audience stays more engaged and memory retrieval is improved.
By personalizing messaging and content to individuals there is a greater likelihood of them considering a perspective other than their own.
Improve Perseverance
Including a Line Manager or equivalent within any communications can greatly influence performance and retention.